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Always together

Welcome to [ Arboleda ] : at the heart of San Pedro, where you can experience  food,  fashion, design, nature, and wellbeing.

We are part of a community that shares the joy of living, that enjoys authentic things and the value of the local in its encounter with the global. We are moved by the emotions that connect us to a natural environment, where everything revolves around the tree and important things happen.

[ Arboleda ] : where constant exists...


Arboleda curates its offer with great market sensitivity, seeking to unite the best of local and global trends, and thus be able to potentialize gastronomy, fashion, design and well-being.


Arboleda values ​​the sum of ideas that give personality and strength to create an offer of concepts, designing spaces integrated by green areas and recreational areas full of diversity and well-being.

Outside the box

Arboleda welcomes avant-garde proposals and continuous transformation, where its concepts can grow in a community that values ​​thinking outside the box, new ideas and challenges.


Arboleda believes in the great potential contained in the exchange of ideas, so it seeks to create links between its entrepreneurs and the members of its community to enhance their value offerings favored by the collective impulse.

[ Arboleda ] :

Always together

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